Tuesday, July 23, 2013

White River, Jamaica!

Last Sunday hubby, myself and a friend set out waaaay early at 6am to Ocho Rios to explore White River and its surroundings. OMG there is soooo much beauty in Jamaica...I firmly believe that we all need to take the time every now and then...drive out and take in the beauty that Jamaica has to offer. My only other suggestion is to travel in groups for safety reasons.

Fire Shoot at Palisadoes

This project was a little crazy, a little cool, a little what the? LOL
This project entailed someone (not it!) holding and spinning fire while we set our cameras to take timed exposures. We set up on the water front side of the palisadoes strip and did our thing :)

The two images above were taken of the City lights from where we were set up (Not telling how I got it like that!)


I can't believe its been almost a year since I've posted to this blog. To my loyal readers I am so sorry. Life made sure to keep me busy...in some ways good, and in some ways bad...but I'm Back!!

Late April, on a saturday, hubby and I decided to head to Portland for the day to get away from Kingston and de-stress a bit.
I'm ashamed to say that although my late father was from Portland, I had not been there in decades.

My eyes have been opened. So much beauty...untouched and pure. I HAVE got to go back there real soon.